Tsunamis and Volcanoes?

I started reading my blog’s about and I wrote there that I liked writing about my dreams. I haven’t done that yet and last night I had a really interesting one.

My dream had two elements that I usually have in dreams and a new one. One of them is the tsunamis, large waves or tidal waves. The other one is that I’m alone inside a car on a descending road and I can’t make it stop, the breaks are broken or I can’t reach them.

And the new element was lava…. oh wait it’s not new… I once had a nightmare with Freddy Krueger and my parents room was full of lava. BUT I’ve never had a dream with a volcano, in this dream I didn’t see one, but it was implied… due to all the lava around.

I’m not clear how the dream started, for some reason I was on top of a hill next to the sea, (yes the sea was above “sea level”) and the waves were about 3 meters tall. Then I went to pick up my friend and started driving down the road. Suddenly the breaks stopped working…. and there was a lot of cars so I had to try to skip them, funny thing is that I didn’t use the horn or cry for help, I just put on the warning lights and drove. I also started pumping the breaks, cause in my dream, according to my father I had to do it in case of breaks malfunction…hahaa… anyways… I managed to stop the car in the corner where my friend was waiting for me. I told her about the waves and the breaks and she got all mad with my boss, because it was his car. But completely ignored the “wave issue”.

So then we started driving up hill again and stopped at an Inn. And just when we went inside the waves started coming at us, but stopped just outside the Inn. And later the water became lava. And it wasn’t all red/orange… it had that black crust… uhm.. an image would be better, don’t know how to explain it.

It was like a tsunami and a volcano eruption catastrophe. But we were safe and there was a lot of people at the inn, I’m not sure if they were escaping or staying at the inn….. then the catastrophe stopped and I woke up :S…

Ok so, funny weird things in this dream: Sea on top of a hill, a high hill and volcano in flat Denmark, water that becomes lava…. oh and driving while knowing your breaks don’t work. Hahaha cool dream… Even though it was frightening at times, it wasn’t a nightmare. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night afraid or anything like that. And I actually enjoy this dreams, probably because they are more exciting than my life… how sad is that?

I don’t have my Book of dreams here……. Found it online!!

So I’ll write abstracts from the biggest elements present in my dream and see what’s up with that. The book is called “The Great Book Of Dreams” by Emilio Salas (It’s in spanish: El Gran Libro de los Sueños).

The Car: “Seeing ourselves driving the car represents our wish of independence, of choosing how and where we go. The how and why of our lives. So the car represents ourselves, body (car) and soul (ourself). Gasoline would be our energy, the carriage would be our looks, the breaks our will, electrical circuit our inteligence and the headlights our capacity to see facts and circumstances. If the car is in good conditions, it means we  have confidence in ourselves and in our ability to cope with life, which is represented by the road, the landscape and the accidents and problems that arise in it. But if the car is in poor condition, represents our fears and the feelings of our own shortcomings, unless we find ourselves sick, in which case it’s only the acknowledgment of our disease.”

-Clearly having issues with myself… insecurity, selfconsciousness? Definitely…

Father: “The father is associated with the masculine principle and the conscious. The father represents the world of the commands and prohibitions, is the one who slows down and hinders freedom and subversion of instincts. Our attitude and our relations with the father in the dreams are a manifestation of our way to accept or reject the authority of our leaders and our more or less need for protection and affection.”

-Acceptance of authority and need for protection and affection… yes yes…

The Sea/Ocean: “The sea is closely related to the water and the moon: the origin of life and the symbol of the collective unconscious. We could say that is what we have inherited of all mankind who came before us and that lies dormant within us, is the foundation of primitive instincts and passions. Therefore, all that the sea foreshadows and represents in our dreams refers to what happens within us, and we can take the image of the dream almost literally. If the sea is calm, also is our life, we fear nothing, but there’s is nothing to expect, because our life is quiet and peaceful and will continue that way for some time. But if the sea is rough, so is our life, which can be translated into complications and problems.”

Tidal wave/Tsunamis (from The Dream Well): “Dreaming of a tidal wave, or any massive wave, is usually experienced from the viewpoint of watching it approach, either on shore, from a hill or some other near-by vantage point.  This dream may often be accompanied by a sense of fear or panic. If we look at water in our dreams as a symbol of our emotions and feelings, part of our inner world, then tidal waves can be like our emotions welling up and getting a little out of control.  One of the advantages of being on shore or nearby watching the wave approach in the dream, is that it gives us an opportunity to step outside ourselves and look at what we we are feeling. Tidal waves often appear in our dreams when are under a lot of pressure or when significant change is occurring.  They may be a an indication that we feel a little overwhelmed, that maybe we fear we won’t be able to cope or adjust with what we see in our own future.  Tidal wave dreams remind us that if we don’t confront and deal with things that are out of balance in our life, then they will confront us first! Remember that the sea is often a symbol for our own subconscious, so a giant wave in the sea can be like our subconscious rising up, making sure its power is felt through-out our waking and conscious life.”

Waves: “The waves symbolize the passive aspect of life, especilly the emotional side of it. Stirred up waves by a storm symbolize fierce irruption of the unconscious, the instictual drives that can dismast the ship of reason. And in dream, waves warns us against serious dangers, certainly passionate ones (love, hate, revenge, jealousy, etc) that can wreck our personal, professional or social lives.”

Volcano: “Like all natural disasters, the volcano symbolizes a sudden mutation of real life, that can be constructive, but almost always is destructive. The difference with other disasters, is the existence of a previous state in which there is a latent work, contained, underground, hidden, after which the eruption occurs. Psychologically, the volcano symbolizes the passions long suppressed, but not tamed, which fail to explode with all virulence, but could cause our perdition.”

Volcano/Lava (from The Dream Well): “Fire and lava can be cleansing, so volcano dreams can be signs of spiritual or psychological growth. Volcanoes as they erupt can help purge blockages, so volcano dreams may imply a release of tension, or a resolution of a problem.  Volcanoes when they have calmed down also change the face of the earth, they can leave islands in the sea where there once were none, they can create mountains and craters and fertile valleys.  So volcano dreams can also be symbols of creativity, sometimes in a frighteningly forceful way. But if we can be prepared for the awesome power that is potential within us, when it is unleashed we can be more aware and then be able to direct the power to our own goals, instead of wildly erupting and possibly damaging those around us. Volcano dreams can be expressions of anxiety and a warning against extreme emotions, but they can also be a powerful symbol of potential and transformation.”

OOOOkay…. so… it’s pretty clear, anxiety, troubles, problems, stress, probably emotional stress, but also changes and/or solutions to what is troubling me.

I know I could write a big analysis about all this and also could use more sources, but I like being concise. I remember that teachers always told me to develop more my ideas. I’m not a very patient person so I like to cut to the chace, sometimes things don’t need to be explained so much. Besides, it’s all there, you are smart, you get it…. And I’m also very lazy.

I think I’ll go to sleep now and maybe have an awesome new dream.

Good night!

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